More Joy

I didn’t get back to posting more joy imagery as quickly as I had originally intended, but I want to add a few more photos tonight, so I can at least say I updated my blog. I’m including some of my nature photos, among others. Taking pictures of flowers and animals and other things I find in nature really makes me appreciate creation and the Creator so much more. What a beautiful and awesome world we live in.

I took the photo at the top of this page in a field near my house that I used to drive by every day when heading to work. I’d look out and see all the wildflowers, and I hoped that I would get back there one weekend morning to get some good shots. I made it one beautiful, windy Saturday morning about a week before they mowed the field down. The photo directly above was taken at my in-law’s ranch. It’s one of the trees growing at the end of their driveway; there are several, and when they are blooming, they are so very pretty. You can get a lot of great nature shots out at their place.  

These are some tomatoes from one of two plants I grew a couple summers ago. It was just too darned hot this summer. We don’t really have a great spot for gardening, so I grew these in a pot right outside the back door. We had to raise it up off the ground so the bunnies couldn’t get to it. It’s amazing how good fresh fruit tastes, especially when you grow it yourself.

Speaking of bunnies, here’s a young one that was in our front yard recently. I know some people here get tired of them since there are so many, but we like to see them. In fact, I put old veggies, bread and stale crackers out whenever I can so they have something to nibble on. Lil’ Dawg (or Little, as I call him) likes to chase them when he goes out back, but they have holes to get out the fence, and he never does catch them.

And, speaking of holes in the fence, this is our neighbor-dog Leo, an over-sized yorkie. He likes to put his nose through the fence to say hi to Little when they’re both out back. Leo isn’t too happy these days, because his owners recently brought home a cute little girl yorkie named LuLu, and she is a bit too active for his taste. He just wants to hang out, and she wants to play. Luckily, she can’t quite get through the fence … or we might just end up keeping her. 🙂

The other day when I was out running errands, I came across this cart in front of the Family Health Market. I just loved the old-fashioned look of the cart full of blooming flowers, especially since we are now in the fall season and this kind of stuff won’t last much longer. I snapped a photo in front of the store after picking up Bart’s protein powder.

Which leads me to a photo of Bart. This is a good shot from when we were visiting his son Noah in Florida earlier this year. Bart definitely makes my joy list, and I’m happy to be able to add him to my post.
Well, I guess this will be the last image I’ll post for the night so I can get to bed. It’s already past my bedtime. And I definitely need and appreciate a good night’s sleep. Sweet dreams, ya’ll. 🙂