Finding Focus

First touches of fall

First touches of fall

How sad that I haven’t written on my blog in almost a year. I knew I had been busy and that it had been a while, but it’s crazy how a whole year has slipped by on me. I hadn’t realized that it had been that long. That’s what happens when we don’t make time for the important things in our lives. We lose opportunities to create special moments that will provide us with memories we can look back on.
Recently, because I have been working so much, I thought about writing about the importance of making time to enjoy some of the little things like sitting on my back porch with a cup of coffee or actually working on some projects in my craft room.  When I started reading some of my past blog entries, I realized I wrote about this very thing last September. But I haven’t been able to follow through on it. That, too, is sad.

I am currently at a very busy stage in my work (writing, copyediting, proofreading, etc.), which I love. But some days I feel like I spend way too much time at my desk, looking at this:

My desk

when what I really wish I had more time to enjoy would be this:

The creek behind our house

The creek behind our house

So, once again, I find myself working on finding focus in my life. Or maybe it is more accurate to say adjusting my focus. I know what the important things are. I just need to find a way to fit them all into my schedule. I need to set priorities and stick to them. Bart and I both need to get back to working out (I’ve been off schedule on that way longer than he has). I’d like to enjoy a little more pleasurable reading time (I have been starting to fit that in again). I’d love to get back in the craft room (I’ll probably actually have to put something on the calendar to get that started). I would like to spend a little time outside of the house with friends (which is one of the last things I make time for). I need to give myself some down time where I’m not doing anything but sitting and relaxing (that one is hard for me). And I’d like to spend a little more time with Bart (that one is hard due to his busy work schedule).

The one thing Bart and I both make time for is our sweet Bella. She will be a year old this month. And though the first few months of puppyhood were trying times, as she required a lot of attention and maintenance, things are smoothing out and we have begun to establish our own rhythms for the day so that I can get done what I need to and she gets what she needs to be happy. One of the things that Bart and I enjoy doing together is taking Bella to the dog park. It gives us an opportunity to get outside, hang out together, and watch Bella have fun running around with other dogs. I truly believe that Bella is much more well adjusted and socialized than many other dogs I’ve met because of her frequent interactions with the various people and dogs at the parks and at doggy day care (we drop her off when we are going to be away from the house most of the day).



So, I know what my focus should be. Or what I would like it to be. The question is – Will/Can I make it happen?  What are some of your goals for finding/adjusting your days and your priorities? Does anyone have any tips or suggestions for how they make time for the important things in life when they have a busy schedule already? I’d love to hear from you.


Meanwhile, no promises about how often my musings will appear, but I am going to try to write and post more frequently in the coming months.

4 thoughts on “Finding Focus

  1. Mary Beth Jambor says:

    Hi Nina,
    The picture of your desk looks all too familiar! I sure miss talking to and working with you, Patti and the rest of the OSV group, but I am enjoying the variety of work involved in parish ministry. I’ll pray you have some time to enjoy fall.
    Mary Beth

    • Nina says:

      Thanks Mary Beth. For me, fall brings about a sense of peacefulness and contentment (at least up here where the seasons visibly change). I just need to be able to get out and see it some. 🙂

      I miss working with you too. But I’m so glad you got this other opportunity in your parish.

      Thanks for reading and responding.
      Take care.

  2. Husband says:

    Today, I found my cover letter for the position that I now hold with Mattress Firm. I had a focus and goals when we got here. I was ranked as one of the best as what I do. I lost my focus over the last year or so. I have promised myself and will talk to my team this week, about my focus. I am the best at what I do and my numbers should reflect that.

    • Nina says:

      You are great at your job! The only reason you have not been able to meet your goals is because you have been too mired down in all of the everyday details and haven’t had enough experienced help. When they hire an Area Manager and give you the promotion you deserve, you will finally have the time to focus on training and building up your team so that they, you, and MF will benefit. I believe in you and I know you will be able to complete the task and reach the goal you set for yourself.

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