Fall, Friends, and the Winds of Change

Fall is one of my favorite times of year. Well, since I have been living in Kentucky anyway. I think in Florida and Texas, I preferred spring. But up here, we get to watch as the leaves change from green to yellow (and red and orange in some places), slowly falling along the way, eventually leaving the branches bare and yet still beautiful.



More yellow

Almost Done

I am trying to breathe it all in and capture what it looks like … what it feels like as the winds of change sweep through, bringing a chill to the air and an anticipation of the things to come. I’m trying to remember it all because this will be our last fall here. We are headed back to Texas. It is something that makes us both happy and sad at the same time. Happy to be seeing those we left behind when we moved up here, sad to be saying good-bye to the new friends we made. Happy that we won’t be experiencing another super cold, snowy winter. Sad that we’ll have the super hot Texas summer instead of the more enjoyable temperatures of Kentucky. Of course our tolerances to the heat and cold have changed somewhat, so we will have some adapting to do … again. But, we look at it all as an adventure to be embraced.

Home is where me, Bart, and Bella are together. It doesn’t matter what state it is. As long as we feel like we are following God’s plan and are operating within his will rather than stubbornly trying to make our own way, all will be well.


And, of course, we’ll always make sure we have a room for Noah. The great thing is we will be closer to Bart’s family again for a while; we’ve missed them. And maybe, one of these days, we’ll be closer to my family for a while. You never know. For now, we are going with the flow and enjoying the show.


To my Kentucky friends, I just want to say thank you. You accepted us and made us feel welcome. In a place where we knew no one and had no family to rely on, you became our brothers and sisters and our friends. You touched our hearts and changed our lives. We will miss you so very much. [So happy to be connected to many of you on Facebook.]


To our Texas friends and family … WE’RE BACK! (well, almost) We’ll both be there by the end of November. See you all very soon.

For anyone else going through times of transition, you’re attitude makes a huge difference in your ability to get through it. Breathe in the positive, breathe out the negative, and embrace the winds of change.

One thought on “Fall, Friends, and the Winds of Change

  1. H. B. says:

    Nina, you make me so happy and this “post” is so encouraging and touching. What a special daughter-in-law you are. You are loved!!!!

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