Wishing You Abundant Joy

Well, it’s a new year. January has come and gone, and we are almost through February, and I am just now getting around to writing my first blog post for 2017. I really love having a blog, and I enjoy sharing my thoughts and discoveries with all of you, but sometimes it just feels like another “have to do” hanging over my head. I need to find a way to bring the joy back to the process.

Speaking of joy, I am happy to say that this is my word for the year (at least I hope it will be a positive thing). If you are not familiar with the idea of having a word for the year (or even if you are), here is what Debbie Stuart from Hope for the Heart had to say in their December newsletter:

Ask the Lord for a Word for 2017.

By that, I mean ask the Lord to give you a literal word. This word will be like a banner over your life in the coming year. The word that is impressed on you might describe what He wants to develop in your life or what He wants you to focus on. I’ve found that the Lord usually confirms the word in various ways, and it becomes a sweet thing between you and Him. My word for 2017 is resilient … strong enough to come back from severe stretching, bending or other adversity; irrepressible. I heard the word several times from the Lord but it was confirmed when I saw the Gold Bond® Hand Lotion at Walmart with the words “Strength and Resilience.”

You can also watch her video here. I just love to listen to this woman share wonderful words of wisdom. [Please let me know if the link doesn’t work.]

I found something I wrote back in 2009 on our Fuller family Shutterfly page that seemed to fit with this message, so I edited it slightly to be appropriate for today.

With most of the year still ahead of us, even though we don’t know what lies before us, I know that God’s hand is upon us and that we are certainly blessed. I hope and pray that we will all remember the truly important things in our lives and that we will not let the worries of this world stress us out or cause problems in our relationships.

Although our family has been much luckier than many, we still have each dealt with our own struggles and issues over the years – both shared and personal – and through our trials as well as our successes, we have learned things about ourselves and others and we have grown – each in our own way. I believe 2017 finds us all at a point in our lives where we still have things to learn and ways to grow, but it seems like it is also a year full of wonderful possibilities.

I hope that we all enter into this new year with a sense of gratitude, happiness, love, and hope; and that we not only find peace and joy in our own lives, but we find a way to bring those things to the lives of others as well. I love you all (family, friends, and followers).

Let the joy of who you are to Jesus light your heart tonight.
May you feel as loved as you truly are —
and may you and those you love experience
the joy of God’s irrevocable love for you —
as we step into the New Year with Jesus’ hands
in yours and mine!

Bonnie Gray, FaithBarista.com

Do you have a favorite “joy” Scripture or quote? Please share it with me here. 🙂

Have a beautiful day!