Guest Post: Choose Love

I hope you will enjoy and be moved by this beautiful message written by my cousin. I was and so I wanted to share it with you.

By Lindsey Berrier

The world is hurting. Some of my family is hurting. Some of my friends are hurting. Strangers are hurting. I am sometimes hurting. We as people are causing so much of the hurt. If all of us are hurting I wonder how our behavior and the chaos we are igniting is causing God to feel.

I am no where close to perfect, pick any of my closest family or friends and ask them… if they were to be perfectly honest with you, they could each probably name at least a handful of my faults. It’s okay, I am aware of most of them and I am a work in progress.

I have family/ friends on both “sides” of the virus/mask issue. Some hate masks just to hate them, some desperately need to wear them for their own health, some have such extreme anxiety it truly causes major issues for them to even consider wearing one. Some just feel each person should be allowed to choose whether to wear a mask or not wear a mask. Some have had the virus and are not too concerned about it. Some have had it and still take it very seriously. Some haven’t had it and thinks it is a “joke” and others haven’t had it and it paralyzes them with fear/worry. I still love each of them.

I have family/friends on both “sides” of politics and many somewhere in the middle. I will just simply say to this, shame on all of us. Going back for at least all of my lifetime, EVERY single President of the United States has BEEN OUR PRESIDENT. That includes but is NOT limited to President Obama, President Trump and most likely soon to be President Biden. RESPECT can be shown regardless of our personal feelings. I still love each of them.

I have family/friends on all sides of every major topic that could possibly be discussed in 2020. You can pick any topic you like, I am sure I personally know at least one person from every point of view. I still love each of them.

I have never been a super anxious person. Each day my anxiety grows. The true reason for that… our future is being formed in every decision we are making. The children are watching every move we make. The children are listening to every word we think they’re missing. Every complaint, every verbal attack, every dismissive comment, every eye roll, every judgement and every disagreement handled in hate.

I don’t believe the world is going to get better. But I believe WE can be better. Each person can start now. We can CHOOSE to live for God right now. We can CHOOSE to love others because He first loved us. We can CHOOSE to share His word. We can CHOOSE to be a light for Him in this dark world. I am choosing to try and be those things today, and every day from now on. Join me in this completely nonexistent challenge. We may never change the world, but the world will not be what changes us either. #Godisgood #bethelight #doyouknowJesus #blessedassurance

Lindsey is a wife, mother, working woman, Christian, fun person, caring individual, and beautiful inside and out. I hope you enjoyed her thoughts on dealing with some of the crazy situations we have been experiencing this year. I invite you to join me and Lindsey in choosing love and light.

One thought on “Guest Post: Choose Love

  1. This is a fantastic post. Good message. Thank you.

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