Lean on Me

I’ve posted this image before. Just wanted to reshare today for a few individuals that I know are going through tough times. There’s no need to try to overcome and push through on your own. Even if you think you can’t share the particular details of your burden with others, you can still take advantage of the benefits of shared faith and friendship. It’s okay to lean on someone else when you are feeling weak or fragile, to find that safe harbor to help you weather the storm. And if you can be that source of kindness, comfort, and connection for someone else today, I pray that you’ll reach out with an encouraging word or a hug and be a blessing.

Pray big. Worry small. Trust God.

Getting Back in the Game

Well, looks like it has actually been a whole year since I last posted. I can’t believe it. I thought it had been several months, but didn’t realize how much time had passed since I last shared on my blog. I apologize … again. It has happened before when I allowed other things to take up my time, but I promise I’m going to try to do better … to make this a priority. Encouraging others is important to me; but I can’t just say that, I need to act on it. Of course, I may not write a lot every single time, but if I can share even a brief message or thought with one of my photos a few times a week, and it touches you, strengthens you, or helps in some way, it will be a blessing to me as well. I pray that you will be encouraged here.

Be Where Your Feet Are

Be Where Your Feet Are

If you are tired of running away from your life or tired of running ragged toward the next thing you think will make you feel complete, Hannah’s book Come Matter Here: Your Invitation to Be Here in a Getting There World will help you do whatever it takes to show up for the life God has for you. (I have not read it yet but it sounds like a good one.)


What or Who Inspires You?

Sadly, and surprisingly, I recently realized that it has been a year since I last wrote for or posted anything on my blog. I knew it had been a while, especially with my intense work schedule over the last 6 months, but I didn’t realize until just the other day how long the lapse had been. I apologize. I had always hoped to use this blog as a source of encouragement and inspiration for others. Instead, I have been so self-focused and work-focused that I have not made or taken the time to reach out to others. In fact, I have not been on social media very much lately either, which is not necessarily a bad thing. But, I’m afraid if you are a friend or family member and have posted anything important over the last few months, I may have missed it. If there is something I should know about you, please reach out to me with a text message, IM, Skype, or phone call and catch me up. I am vowing with today’s post to try to do better at staying connected (and keeping up with my blog).

What caused me to notice the sad state of my blog … the sad state of my personal involvement with others? A friend recently started her own blog, and I have been inspired by her posts, especially her latest one: Out of the Blue about being open to the many moments in everyday life that present themselves to us to be there for others. Moments when we have a choice to make to follow God’s promptings and fully engage with and bless others. I want to be that person who notices people and who finds ways to bless them and encourage them just when they need it most. Don’t you?

I urge you to read the post above (click on the link), as well as others by LeeAnn Kirkindoll. Subscribe to her newsletter so you will know when she writes more. You won’t want to miss her wonderful posts. She inspired me to get back out there and write and to be alert and ready for the opportunities to bless others in everyday life.


So, here I am, hoping that today, I can offer you a word of encouragement … for whatever you are going through at this point in your life. You are not alone. I am here. God is here. And, as one of my other favorite inspirational writers says, “Whatever happens, God is with us and for us.”

God of Whatever

If you haven’t read anything from Holley Gerth before, she is another talented writer that I recommend. I am always finding and saving great words and thoughts from her books and her blog. I hope you will be inspired by her as well.

Who inspires you? If there is someone who has made a difference in your life, or a writer that you would recommend for encouragement or inspiration, please share. Or if you need prayer or encouragement because of something you are going through, let me know that as well. Whatever it is, you don’t have to face it alone.

Pray big. Worry small, Trust God. 🙂


Answered Prayers

Like a lot of people, I have often asked others for prayers for a particular situation, but I can’t say that I have been very good about following up and letting people know that their prayers, or my own, have been answered. I privately thank God for what He has done, and I am truly grateful, but I don’t always publicly acknowledge or praise God for answered prayers. So, I wanted to take a minute to do that today.

On March 31st, I published a post “Seeking Prayers Today” as I had been stressing quite a bit over a work project. It was not something I felt equipped to do (even with years of editorial experience), as the client had very unrealistic expectations and requirements. While I recognized that situations like this can create an opportunity for God to shine through and pull off a miracle, it didn’t feel like this was one of those cases, as the actual work would still have to be done through me. I told God that I trusted Him no matter which way the situation went, but if he wanted to know my heart, I preferred that the project would simply go away. Within the next month, there were several delays, and then we were told that we would start at the beginning of May but the project would run through October (where originally they wanted everything done in a couple of months). I felt better about the additional time, but prayed that somehow it would still end up being cancelled (which is not very common once contracts have been signed) as it continued to feel very overwhelming and almost impossible to me.

At this point, I am pretty sure that several other vendors had already walked away from the project, but I knew that the company I am working for did not want to walk away from their commitment. They have a very strong work ethic and moral code, and I understood where they were coming from in remaining ready to press on. About a week before we were to begin, we heard from the client that they no longer had the resources necessary and were going to be unable to complete the whole project. At first, they wanted us to write one small portion of the project, which we would have been happy to do, but within a couple more weeks, the entire job was cancelled. Now, obviously, I can’t say all this happened because of me as I don’t have any pull or control in a situation like this … but God does … and he cares about the things that matter to us.

Granted, the downside of this was that we lost a large contract and the money that would have come in from it eventually. However, I feel it was a major plus in that the company I work for was able to save face and not walk out like other vendors had; the editors (me especially) felt a great sense of relief as this “monster job” was slain; and the time we would have spent on this crazy project was opened up for us to be able to take on better jobs with more realistic expectations and time frames. [Since then, I have added a prayer to my prayer board (more on that later) to deal with the aftermath, and new projects are beginning to come in.]
Composure prayer

So, thank you God particularly for this answered prayer! And thank you for the other prayers you have answered recently as well – like Bart’s new job, which he is really enjoying and we feel will offer him success as well as an opportunity to make a difference for others [he sold his first house today!]; and my sister’s health, which is finally better [at least for now … it’s always something with her 😉 ]; and so many other things you have come through for us on.


Read this!

I have so much more to share with you, my readers, on prayer, including the new prayer board I made, but if I try to write about it all now, I will never get this post published. So, I’m going to end with some words from The Circle Maker by Mark Batterson, and promise to share more with you later.

“God is infinitely bigger than your biggest problem or biggest dream. … There is nothing God cannot do. Yet many of us pray as if our problems are bigger than God.”

“100% of the prayers [we] don’t pray won’t get answered.”

“Our most powerful prayers are hyperlinked to the promises of God [in Scripture].”

“Scripture is God’s way of initiating a conversation; prayer is our response.”

“The Bible is a promise book and a prayer book. … Reading is the way you get through the Bible; prayer is the way you get the Bible through you.”

If you have not yet read this book – I highly recommend it. In fact, I borrowed it from my sister-in-law and took tons of notes, but I plan to get my own copy sometime. If you want to change/strengthen your prayer life, you really should check it out.

Meanwhile, pray BIG, worry small, and TRUST GOD.