Super Simple Meatballs


Enjoyed a pretty low-key three-day weekend. Did a lot of pinning on Pinterest. Watched a few episodes of NCIS.Took a couple naps. It was nice to NOT be super busy for a change.

The only work I did do was something for my husband Bart. Because he works retail (Mattress Firm), instead of having time off for the holidays, he and his team members always work extra hours. So, we have made it a bit of a tradition now for me to deliver food to everyone at the stores he manages as a bit of a moral booster and thank-you. Usually that’s four stores.

Well, this year we decided to go a bit bigger with all of the new people recently brought on board through Mattress Firm’s purchase of Mattress Giant. Over the last two days, I delivered meatballs to almost all of the stores in his district – that was 17 stores. Now that’s a lot of meatballs.

Luckily, I use a super simple recipe that is easy to prepare, and I’m told by some that it’s better than their Mom’s meatballs. High praise. šŸ™‚ Ā To keep my post for the week simple as well, I’m going to give you my recipe.

Super Simple Meatballs


  • Bag of frozen, fully cooked meatballs
  • Bottle of chili sauce
  • Can of whole cranberries

I believe the bags come with about 48 meatballs; I serve 12 per person, so that makes 4 servings. (Increase the ingredients above as needed for more servings.) Sometimes if I am doubling the recipe, I choose cranberry sauce for the second can – it seems to create more sauce.


  • Pour meatballs into crock pot.
  • Add canned cranberries.
  • Pour in chili sauce and stir to coat all of the meatballs.
    (I add a little water to the chili sauce bottle and shake it up to get everything out of the bottle; then pour it over the meatballs too. This helps me avoid waste [something I learned from my Grandmother], and it adds more liquid to the sauce.)
  • If I’m going to be home all day, I’ll put it on low and stir occasionally to heat all of the meatballs all the way through and keep them simmering in sauce until we’re ready to eat.
  • If I need them done more quickly, I usually turn them on high for a couple of hours.

And that’s it! Makes a great appetizer or meal. Can be served as is (maybe add a littleĀ Parmesan) or add to rolls for meatball subs. Yum!

Hope you enjoyed your Memorial Day weekend and paid tribute to those who have served and still serve our country.Ā